Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Francis Mallman Inspired Armado

In Tierra De Fuegos and Mallman on Fire, Francis Mallman is seen using what he calls an Armado. Basically, it is a firebox base,firebox basket/ember guard, chapa, and grill. Francis Mallman had his made round. After looking at his for a couple of years, I decided that we should make one. Ours is square, but functionally identical.

First, an 18"X18" base, on 18" screw on legs.

Next, add an open basket to keep embers en, and the chapa or gill above the fire.

Here we have a chapa on top of the open basket. Anybody want pancakes, bacon, and eggs? How about some fried potatoes?

I suppose we could have continued with the griddle, but forget the bacon, let's change the menu to steak and eggs, or sausages and eggs. All on a NorCal Ovenworks Armado.

Argentine Grill Kit with Side Brasero in Pellham, MA.

Argentine Grill Kit with Side Brasero
Pellham, NH 2/17/2015
I'm afraid that this particular customer needed to add a bit more wood to the brasero of his Argentine Grill kit, but it's too late now. I remember that nasty white stuff, I caught an edge on my skis once, and ended up sliding headfirst, on my back, down a mountain. The sliding wasn't too bad, but the snow getting jammed down the open collar of my snow suit made me yell! I needed a mug of beer to recover.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Gaucho Grill in Blacksburg, VA

One of the most enjoyable parts of my job as NorCal Ovenworks Grill Engineer is meeting new friends, and working with them to achieve their individual dream. Francisco "Kiko" Azevado is the proprietor of the upcoming Gaucho Grill, in Blacksburg, VA. He asked for a multi-purpose grill that he could use for meats, vegetables, and also skewered items. The design is mostly his, as to function, we provided the manufacturing expertise.

Kiko Azevado in front of his new Uruguayan Grill in Blacksburg, VA.
Here is Kiko in front of his new grill!

Exhibition Cooking using a NorCal Ovenworks Grill.
Note the nice exhibition kitchen, where everyone can see their dinner cooking.

NorCal NSF Approved Exhibition Grill in Blacksburg, VA.
Is anyone hungry yet?

The Brasero, or Ember Maker is the heart of Argentine cooking.

That box, the brasero, is the heart of the grill. The whole secret to Latin American cooking is cooking over embers. It really is that simple.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Odys and Penelope

Every once in a while, NorCal Ovenworks get's to be involved with a great project, for a great Chef. Odys and Penelope, 127 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036, 323-939-1033 by Quinn and Karen Hatfield is opening in a few days on , and I have a few  pictures of the establishment to share.:

Here's a view that simply makes me feel at home. I love the large stack of firewood on display for everyone to see. The tables are rustic and industrial, and the atmosphere is casual.:

Finally, there's our small part of the project, a Uruguayan style grill on the left, and an Argentine style grill on the right, sandwhiched between someone else's churrasco rotisserie and someone else's smoker. To be fair, we can't make cool grills unless the customer is also cool. Quinn was the coolest of the cool, and got cool grills to match his temperament.:

Monday, December 8, 2014

Backyard Makeover, Before and After

One of my clients approached me with a request for an upgrade. He said that he had a stainless steel gas grill in an island, and we talked about an upgrade. Here is what he started with:

We talked about dropping a grill into a firebox, and also about his contractor creating a firebox. He chose to create a firebox.:

And there you have it. An old gas grill replaced by a new Argentine Grill. Tastier results!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Wyoming Grill Photo's

I sold a grill to Joe Frake, an ex Californian living in Wyoming. He promised me pictures of his grill, and though it took many months for them to arrive (the time scale is a little different in Wyoming) I was quite please to see them.

Look at that Wyoming view!
A close-up of the grill. Thanks so much, Joe!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Picture this: You manage a Polo Club, and everytime the Argentine Team comes to play, you can count on them starting a three alarm fire in the parking lot! Don't blame them! They're just tailgating, Argentine style!

Signs don't work, but maybe this will (still under construction here):

Argentine Grill currently under installation at a Polo Club, somewhere in America. Yes, that's Soapstone!